Forever a man of the times!

27 Jun


I feel as if I’m losing my mother all over again! But I’m not. I, like many South Africans, are feeling the impending sense of doom at what is possibly the last few days of the Father of our Nation, the man who suffered for all of us, his children, to bring peace to our Country. Unfortunately, a Country still marred by racism on some levels, but a Country that still is filled with more optimism than I have ever seen. We are a Rainbow Nation because of him.


In some ways, our country has come to a stand-still, we all wait, with baited breath if our beloved Madiba made another night.  He is tired; he has done his ‘job’ and so much more.  He healed a Nation, and brought pride back to all South Africans.  We all know and understand that his time here has run its course; however, we still feel we want to hold onto him, and so, I think, we all sigh when we know that we have him for a little longer.

When Madiba does leave us for greener, healthier pastures; I think for many, our worlds will stop… in 5 years time the question, like with all Historical events i.e. 911, will be “Where were you the day Mandela died?” and if you are a child of South Africa you will be able to answer that question very quickly! No matter how mundane or busy our lives are – we will forever remember THAT moment, the moment he left us, the moment we were told, the day we mourned with his family!

I know that Madiba’s family want us, the public, to leave them alone so they can spend time with him, and although I understand and I feel sorry for them, I also feel that some of the children don’t realise that we are going through this with them.  Get angry and upset with the International Press, ban them from the hospital for he does not belong to them, but please let us be ‘in the know’, let us share your worries, and what will soon be your sorrows. He belongs to all of us, he is ours, he is mine!


Mandela’s name and legacy will forever be etched in the minds, hearts and memories of millions world-wide.  He will forever be the Father of our Great Nation; generations for years to come will talk of his greatness and his name will be uttered with respect and love.

So Tata, if it is your time to leave the mountain tops, the deep blue seas and the rolling hills of this your land, then go home to your Father, be amongst the greats that have gone before you! You are and will forever more, remain a Great Man, a Great Leader, a Great Teacher, a Great Friend and a Great Father! Go with God Tata!



One Response to “Forever a man of the times!”

  1. Gaynor Paynter June 28, 2013 at 08:03 #

    Lovely post, very nice first post! There’s a cartoon that sums it up for me – Madiba in his sick bed, pointing at a red, tattered and shattered SA and saying “it is you who must heal”. Madiba will go when it’s his time. It’s us who must build our country now. Gaynor Paynter – Ward 118 Committee Public Safety Rep.

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